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Family Support

We Provide Support for
Students and Parents

PA Virtual works tirelessly to ensure your child reaches his or her full academic and social potential. We deliver support to each student and family while providing important resources to guide you through each level of your child’s academic career.

Our award-winning Family and Student Support Services Department:

If you're wondering how PA Virtual supports families, keep reading for detailed information on our helpful Pennsylvania cyber school support services.

PA Virtual Family at table with laptops and schoolwork

Parent Education and Engagement

Parental involvement is at the core of PA Virtual. Our school is designed to support parents as Learning Coaches for their children. 

We enhance our parents' knowledge and education by providing:

  • Weekly online Parent Lunch and Learn sessions 
  • Parent certificate programs
  • Parent mentor program
  • Resources, tips, and tricks

We encourage engagement in our school by offering opportunities for:

  • Parents to volunteer
  • Parents to join school committees and focus groups
  • Parents to connect with other parents in the school and local community

The parents at our PA cyber school are vital contributors to school innovation and excellence.

PA Virtual parents helping daughter with schoolwork

Learn about our Parent Ambassadors



PA Virtual parents built the Parent Ambassador Program to help each other be the best Learning Coaches possible. Our Parent Ambassadors are here not only to listen to your struggles and successes, but to encourage you and provide resources to make your days easier. Sometimes, just knowing there are other parents in your situation, experiencing similar trials and triumphs, is exactly what is needed to help you treasure the years as a PA Virtual Learning Coach!

  • Parent Ambassador Mentor Program: offers a unique one-on-one mentoring relationship between Learning Coaches.
  • Parent Ambassador Volunteer Team: provides parent mentoring to other Learning Coaches and meets monthly to connect with one another, receive training, and offer feedback.

Our Parent Ambassadors know that there is nothing quite as rewarding as being involved in your child’s education.

Learn about our Family Support Coordinators



Every family at PA Virtual is partnered with a regional Family Support Coordinator (FSC). FSCs are your first point of contact for non-academic concerns, providing one-on-one support. Think of FSCs as your personal guides to all aspects of PA Virtual.

There are Family Support Coordinators throughout Pennsylvania, with each FSC assigned to families according to region. New families are introduced to their FSC during New Family Orientation to ensure that their first days of school are successful. In addition, each Family Support Coordinator plans field trips each month in their region, providing wonderful opportunities for socialization, education, and fun for all PA Virtual families.


Our FSCs Can Help!

PA Virtual Family Support Coordinators:
  • Capture and monitor all aspects of daily attendance in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations
  • Assist parents and students with using school technology
  • Ensure parents and students have all technology and/or curriculum supplies
  • Provide daily support to parents and students for all non-academic concerns
  • Remain with their families throughout their time at PA Virtual, allowing the relationship between family and FSC to continue and develop over the years!
PA Virtual Family Support Coordinator talking on phone

Pupil Health

Our Pupil Health Department strives to ensure that our students are compliant with their grade mandated health forms and immunizations. They travel across the state to perform free health screenings for our students.

Our Pupil Health team consists of nurses and administrative staff. We have two certified school nurses. We also have an immunization nurse, a school doctor, school dentist, a coordinator, and a project manager. The department aligns itself with the PA Department of Health belief that:

“Children must be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy.”


PA Virtual school nurse testing student's vision

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is one of the available supports Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School provides to students. SAP is designed to assist school personnel in identifying student needs such as mental health issues, alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use, which may pose barriers to a student’s success. The primary goal of SAP is to link students with the help they need in order to overcome barriers so that they can remain in school, succeed academically, and work towards graduation and post-secondary success.



PA Virtual received the Award of Excellence in Student Services from the PA Association of Pupil Services Administrators and the PA Department of Education.


The PA Virtual Student Services Department received the Nicholas Cericola Memorial Award for outstanding accomplishments in the area of family involvement.

10 Years

Our Family Support Coordinators average over 10 years of experience at PA Virtual.

    I am #PAVirtualProud because PA Virtual formed the perfect educational environment for me!

    Amazing teachers and courses challenged my mind, while the flexibility of an online environment and encouraging faculty gave me support in areas where I needed help to thrive!”


    Elias Harkins
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