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Online School Technology Department


PA Virtual Provides Each Student with Equipment


One of PA Virtual’s core principles is that “technology can be leveraged to be a powerful tool to support an effective education.” PA Virtual provides each student a laptop, the HP ProBook Elite c640 G3 Chromebook, a printer, and a headset to support the learning process. The laptop is considered instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves PA Virtual.

Our online school Technology Department is here to help. Discover how the PA Virtual equipment and software can work for you.


Each laptop comes fully equipped

Our laptops are pre-installed (List of pre-installed software) with the programs necessary to complete school work.

We recognize the need to install additional software based on a student’s grade level, course load, and special education requirements. This software, although not pre-installed, can be installed by families with a call to our Technology Helpline (1.877.883.3653). Our technicians will help you install Approved Software based on your child’s special needs. All ISP software and/or drivers are considered “approved”. If you need to install software to connect to the Internet, call the Technology Helpline.


Blackboard Academic Suite

Our virtual schoolhouse

Every student logs into Blackboard each school day. Logging into Blackboard is equivalent to walking through your school’s doors and entering your teacher’s homeroom. Blackboard is a “one-stop-shop” where every member of our educational community can attend classes, receive school news, access resources, and coordinate events.

Blackboard enables PA Virtual to keep our families engaged, informed, and involved:

  • School-wide announcements
  • Logging attendance
  • Viewing course information
  • Field trip calendars
  • Health Screening calendars
  • Service-learning projects
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and recorded sessions
  • Transcript and record requests
  • Accessing Family Support Programs
  • Technology updates and FAQs
  • Contact information for teachers and staff
  • Video and photo galleries
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Student assessment information
  • And much more!


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Our High School virtual classroom

All direct instruction by PA Virtual high school teachers takes place in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Collaborate Ultra is our virtual classroom that enables world-class communication and education in an online setting. It's an intuitive, instructor-led classroom that delivers real-time, interactive education and encourages learning and collaboration using web, audio, video, and social networking.

In addition to the classroom experience, Collaborate Ultra brings the PA Virtual community together for school-wide assemblies, virtual outings, and other social opportunities.


Jigsaw Interactive

Our K-8 virtual classroom

All direct instruction by our K-8 teachers takes place in Jigsaw Interactive. Designed to allow multiple learning styles using a one-size-fits-all approach. Through Jigsaw, teachers can actively engage the student to produce hands-on learning through active whiteboards, small group sessions, collaborating via video, audio, and chat, making the classroom interactive and a fun place to learn.


The Online School

Daily and weekly lesson plans

The Online School (OLS) is the learning system with lessons for students. Families use the OLS to access daily and weekly lesson plans and to record daily instructional hours.

Detailed lesson plans are provided for each subject to guide students through the learning process. Teachers set the courses to provide the optimum learning environment for their students. This approach allows students to move through the curriculum at a pace conducive to their learning needs. The OLS also charts student progress through the K12 Inc. curriculum.

The adaptive capability of the OLS helps create a personal learning approach for each student.


PA Virtual Secure Email

An email account for every student and Learning Coach

Each student and Learning Coach is provided with a secure school email account. All Blackboard accounts are associated with the PA Virtual–issued email address. Important school-related information is shared through email and it's utilized as the communication method of choice for our parents, students, and teachers.

These email accounts provide an avenue for simple two-way communication critical to our partnerships.

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