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PA Virtual Career Services

Preparing Your Student for the Future

Every parent wants to see their high schooler thrive. Our Pathways to Purpose program is here to provide them with additional resources, guidance, and support for post-graduation plans.

Our mission is to serve as a bridge between high school and employment, whether that path includes college, direct entrance into the workforce, certificate programs, or the armed forces!


Tilt A Whirl



What We Offer


PA Virtual graduates find employment as engineers, nurses, lawyers, business analysts, illustrators, teachers, and more!

~150 hours

By the end of their senior year, each student receives more than 150 clock hours of career and/or college preparation!

Top Colleges

Some recent graduates are attending top colleges and universities, such as Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon, Drexel, Penn State, Seton Hall, Temple, Univ. of Penn, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Univ. of Virginia, and Vanderbilt