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Online Second Grade at Pennsylvania's Renowned Cyber Charter School

Embark on a Digital Learning Adventure

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PA Virtual Online Second Grade

Welcome to a new chapter in education with Pennsylvania's standout cyber charter school. We are proud to offer a dynamic and engaging online second-grade experience that perfectly balances safety, nurturing, and engagement. Leveraging the power of technology, we have designed an innovative cyber second-grade program that is as captivating and secure as it is enriching. Our program is crafted to ignite a love for learning while ensuring your child's wellbeing in a secure, healthy online environment.


Our Cyber Second-Grade Program: Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity

At our Pennsylvania cyber charter school, we ensure your child's educational journey is filled with opportunities to nurture their unique skills while safeguarding their wellbeing. Our interactive online second-grade curriculum is designed to inspire a love for learning, foster creativity, and continue to build strong foundations in vital academic skills.

Our Cyber Second-Grade Curriculum is comprehensive and engaging, focusing on key areas such as Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Art, and Music. We believe in nurturing young minds and sparking curiosity, which is why our curriculum is designed to be interactive and fun.


Online Second-Grade Program by Subject

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we provide structured lessons in language skills including literature, writing, handwriting, spelling, and vocabulary. These lessons are designed to develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and promote a lifelong interest in reading. Students will continue to develop by engaging with more complex reading and writing challenges. These challenges will stem from their choices in what to read and what to write about. 


Our Math course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. We extend work with place value to numbers through 1,000, emphasizing fluency of addition and subtraction facts. There is a focus on number sentences and problem-solving with addition and subtraction.

There is an emphasis on the properties of operations, skills such as decomposition, and mental math. Students will continue to explore fundamental practical applications like money, time, geometry, as well as data analysis and representation.

Early concepts of multiplication, division, and fractions are introduced to support these concepts. Special attention is paid to each student. This ensures that they can engage with the curriculum in a way that supports their learning experience.


In Science, students learn to perform more complex experiments, record their observations, and understand how scientists see the natural world. They explore topics such as the metric system, force, magnetism, sound, the human body, and geology. 


Our History 2 course continues an overview of world geography and history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. This course takes students from ancient Rome to the later Middle Ages.


In Art 2, students are introduced to the art and architecture of ancient Rome, medieval Europe, Islam, Mexico, Africa, China, and Japan. They examine elements of art and principles of design such as line, shape, pattern, and more. Students study and create self-portraits, landscapes, and sculptures.

They will create artworks similar to works they learn about, using a variety of materials and techniques. This hands-on approach to art not only fosters creativity but also provides a deeper understanding of historical and cultural contexts.

Spotlight on Music

Our Spotlight on Music program promotes successful music learning as students explore and build foundational music skills. The program includes enriching musical experiences that help students understand music concepts. Students will enjoy a vast quality of musical experience through interactive learning activities like focused listening, singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Spotlight on Music provides opportunities for students to make meaningful connections with math, language arts, science, social studies, and other subjects.

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Second Grade Course Guide

A Secure & Supportive Digital Learning Environment

Your child's safety is our primary concern. We have created a secure cyber environment where your second-grader can explore, learn, and grow under the careful guidance of experienced, compassionate educators. Our cyber second-grade program fosters a strong sense of community, ensuring your child feels acknowledged, listened to, and supported throughout their online learning journey.

Parents as Co-Educators

In our online second-grade, we view education as a shared responsibility between school and home. We actively involve parents in their child's cyber schooling, providing regular updates, resources, and support. Parent involvement in collaboration with our excellent staff creates an ideal, secure online environment. Together, we can illuminate a bright future for your child.


Step into the Future of Education

Join us and experience the benefits of our online learning environment firsthand. Whether your child is continuing their educational journey in second grade or transitioning from a traditional setting, we'll be there every step of the way.

Experience the marvels of cyber second-grade at Pennsylvania's leading cyber charter school. Provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging learning environment for your child. The next chapter in your child's educational journey begins here. Apply today and let's shape the future of learning, together.


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