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The Parent Experience

Our most successful students are supported by dedicated parents. Learn more about the PA Virtual parent experience.

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What is a Learning Coach?

The Learning Coach is the primary responsible adult at home who monitors their student's progress and assists them in meeting school requirements. PA Virtual requires that a parent/guardian/Learning Coach remains at home with the student while the student is attending school in order to provide academic support. As a Learning Coach, you will be a key player on your student’s team, partnering with your child’s teachers and actively working alongside him or her every day. The fulfillment of your role and responsibility is crucial to your student’s success.

PA Virtual student and her Learning Coach smile together

The Learning Coach's Day

While each family’s day will be as unique as they are, time management and structure are key components for success in a virtual model. Some of the activities you as a Learning Coach can expect to do regularly are:

  • Work alongside your child every day
  • Assist with the completion of online and offline lessons
  • Manage daily and weekly class schedules
  • Ensure class attendance
  • Log academic hours
  • Track student progress
  • Ensure completion and submission of coursework and projects
  • Communicate with teachers and staff on a regular basis

Check out our Video Library to learn more about a typical day with PA Virtual!

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PA Virtual parent sits with her children as they complete schoolwork

We Provide the Resources You Need to be a Learning Coach


We help you learn PA Virtual tools, technology, and procedures right away.

Parent Lunch and Learn Sessions

Gather with other PA Virtual parents for quick, insightful virtual sessions.

Parent Mentor Program

Get paired with an experienced PA Virtual Parent for help any time you need it.

24/7 Parent Access to Information

View your child’s academic plan, monitor their progress, and find ways to connect with staff and other families.


Nine of our teachers were nominated for 2020 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year.

20 Years

Established in 2001, PA Virtual has been a leader in cyber education for over 20 years.

Over 96%

of PA Virtual parents find their teachers knowledgeable and effective educators.

    PA Virtual has made a difference in our lives by allowing my child the flexibility and freedom to excel beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks PA Virtual!"


    Corinne Putnick
    PA Virtual Parent since 2006

    User testimonial on how PAVC allowed them to change their lives. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.

    A continuation of the User testimonial on how PAVC allowed them to change their lives. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.”


    Jane Doe
    CEO of Awesome

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