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Act 158 Graduation Pathways

Graduation Pathways at PA Virtual

Effective with the graduating class of 2023, PA Virtual students have the option to demonstrate postsecondary preparedness through a pathway that more fully illustrates college, career, and community readiness. 

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Pathways by Grade



* In the event that results from an Alternative Assessment or evidence from the Evidence-Based Pathway is not received prior to graduation, a student's diploma will not be conferred. All required documentation must be received by the end of the summer of the student's graduating year. 

Pennsylvania Department of Education Resources

Learn more about Act 158 from the Pennsylvania Department of Education Act 158 page.

Note: PDFs and Word documents will automatically download from the PDE website.

Interactive Act 158 Toolkit
Act 158 Toolkit (PDF)
Pathways to Graduation Guide (PDF)
Pathways to Graduation (Word)