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Elementary School

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

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A High-Quality Educational
Program for your Child

Student success is at the heart of every decision we make at our virtual elementary school. Your child’s team includes a principal, assistant principals, teachers, nurses, school counselors, family support coordinators, and more. The team works together to fine-tune an academic plan that meets your child where they are right now and challenges them but doesn’t overwhelm them. We find opportunities for students to excel, and give them additional support where they struggle. Our certified elementary teachers use their prior experience and expertise along with the rigorous K12 Inc. curriculum to make learning engaging and interactive for the students. Over the course of our K-4 virtual school, elementary students explore the following topics:

PA Virtual mother helps her student with learning how to count
  • English Language Arts—phonics, spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing composition, etc.
  • Math—problem-solving, mental math, shapes/angles, measurement, fractions, area, multiplication, division, etc.
  • Science—oceans, habitats, matter, eco-systems, geology, weather, animal adaptation, human body & nervous system, metric system, magnetism, etc.
  • History—citizenship, economics, classical civilizations, world geography, American Revolution, Space Age, Stone Age, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc.
  • Physical Education/Health—strength and flexibility, monitoring heart rate, choice of physical activity, games & coordination, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, healthy bodies, food for life, staying safe, etc.
  • Art—realistic and abstract art, landscapes, cultural art and architecture, famous artists and artworks, drawing, sketching, shading, Sculpting, etc.
  • Music—foundations of music/music theory, creative movement, singing & dancing, real & virtual Instruments (recorder, tambourine, etc.), focused listening skills, etc.

To learn more about the topics covered in your child’s specific grade, check out our Curriculum by Grade.
You can also watch this video to hear a teacher and parent's perspective on learning and teaching at PA Virtual. 

Instructional Formats

At our elementary school, we offer two instructional formats: synchronous and asynchronous. Families can choose a more structured schedule with live, teacher-led classes or a more flexible schedule with independent learning. The chart on this page outlines which courses are available in each format.

  • Synchronous—Students log in to their virtual classroom with other students and attend live classes with PA-certified teachers. In our synchronous format, teachers provide direct instruction, guide student work, and assess student progress. Synchronous classes occur Monday through Thursday; students work asynchronously on Fridays. To see sample schedules for synchronous elementary students, click here.

  • Asynchronous—Students work independently with their Learning Coaches each day. In the asynchronous format, PA Virtual teachers plan the students' coursework, supervise their progress, and are available to support student needs daily.   

During Orientation, you’ll further explore each of these formats to choose the option that’s best for you and your student.

Do you want to see what a virtual class looks like? Check out our Video Library for sample classes and more!

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Our Full-Day Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten builds the foundation for every child’s education. Because of the flexibility of choosing either the synchronous or asynchronous model (see above), you can plan a day that makes sense for your child. At PA Virtual, your kindergartener will flourish with our rich curriculum, dedicated teachers, and your active participation as a parent/Learning Coach. Your kindergartener will have the same teacher for all core subjects to ensure consistency and allow them to build a relationship with their teacher. PA Virtual provides all of the materials your child needs for the school year, including curriculum and hands-on manipulatives to help excite creative and curious young learners.

Check out an overview of our Kindergarten Curriculum for more information about the courses your child will explore. To ensure your child is eligible for kindergarten enrollment with PA Virtual, please check your local district's age requirement. You can also review our Kindergarten Readiness Checklist as you prepare your child for kindergarten.

Excited kindergarten student at PA Virtual elementary school

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Opportunities for Elementary Students

Hands-on learning for every student

Field Trips

Socialization is important, especially for our younger students. Each month, we offer in-person* outings across the state where students can meet other PA Virtual families and make new friends. Throughout the year, we offer virtual outings as well. Activities can include picnics, centers for the arts, history sites, museums, state parks, theme parks, science experiments, bowling, and much more. Students in all grade levels are encouraged to attend.
*In compliance with PA COVID-19 restrictions

Service Learning

PA Virtual helps families stay connected and serve their local community through our established partnerships with local organizations including food banks, animal rescue centers, homeless shelters, and donation centers. Our students across the state participate in school-wide service learning, including opportunities with the Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, Food Drives, the Ugly Quilt Project, and more.

Kinesthetic Learning

Young children explore and learn with their hands. The curriculum we provide for elementary students includes a variety of items for tactile learning. Supplies provided in the curriculum make learning fun such as shapes, counting cubes, scales, inflatable globes, paint, and magnifying glasses.

Clubs and Activities

Our elementary school students have an array of opportunities to meet other students and explore new skills and topics that excite them. Clubs meet virtually on a regular basis. Clubs that our elementary families particularly enjoy include Animal Club, Art Club, Craft Club, Get Fit Club, Culinary Club, and more. Students are also able and encouraged to participate in their local school district’s extracurricular activities.

67 Counties

PA Virtual enrolls students from all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

10 years

Our elementary teachers average 10 years of service at PA Virtual.


of PA Virtual's elementary families find their teachers knowledgeable and effective.

    I learned to read with PA Virtual. I count at PA Virtual."


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    A continuation of the User testimonial on how PAVC allowed them to change their lives. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.”


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