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Student Clubs & Activities

Discover the growing array of opportunities and experiences available through Student Clubs and Activities offered by PA Virtual.

Student clubs and activities provide students a way to get involved in our online community and explore new or favorite interests. Students that do not see a club or activity that matches their interests are encouraged to start their own!

The following is a list of active student clubs & activities at PA Virtual:


pets-welcome-at-craven-house-luxury-serviced-apartments-london-minAnimal Club

The Animal Club focuses mainly on pets, including pet care, types of pets, things to consider when choosing a pet, and other pet care topics. Students will have the opportunity to socialize with other students and share personal experiences owning and dreams of owning a pet. We will also venture into wild animals, including topics such as why you shouldn't capture and make a wild animal your pet or how to behave around animals in the wild. The purpose of the Animal Club is to provide students an opportunity to socialize with multi-aged students with similar interests regarding the care and safety for animals.



art club 2-minArt Club

The Art Club welcomes students in grades K-8 to make art projects and explore all different types of mediums including: clay, paint, pastels, colored pencils, and pencil drawing. This club focuses on expanding students' creativity and knowledge of art. The goal of the Art Club goal is to let students be creative, express themselves, have fun, and learn about the process of making different art projects.



Concept of biochemistry with dna molecule on blue backgroundCitizen Science Club

Citizen Science Club is a middle and high school club that meets to discuss topics, news, and other items related to the environment and ecology. The Citizen Science Club strives to promote interest in Ecology, as well as environmental consciousness and action towards the conservation of Earth’s precious beauty and natural resources. The Eco Co-Curricular will provide a creative and intellectual space for students to express their passions and share ideas relative to the environment. The Citizen Science Club will host online meetings, offer photography opportunities, raise awareness through discussions/presentations, and provide members with the ability to update the Eco Co-Curricular’s blog by writing posts on relevant environmental topics.



craft club-minCraft Club

PA Virtual students gather to share current projects and creations and to learn how to make new crafts. All grades and all levels of crafters are welcome. The purpose of the Craft Club is to provide PA Virtual students with a creative, productive outlet to express themselves, meet other crafters, and develop life skills.



Cooking materialsCulinary Club

The PA Virtual Culinary Club was created to stimulate, foster and promote student interest in the culinary arts. It is our desire to teach different cooking techniques, explore the professional food service industry, and most importantly provide students a fun and creative outlet while developing leadership and cooperation skills. Join and embark on a new culinary adventure, become a foodie, and make new friends. Along with your fellow students, learn how to prepare a variety of dishes, pair foods, use utensils and measurements, understand recipes and basic vocabulary, utilize safe cooking methods, and explore what foods/recipes promote healthy living.



NewspaperCurrent Events Club

Current Events Club is a discussion-based high school organization in which students discuss current events topics with other club members. The club is focused on learning about worldwide, national, local and school news through conversation, enhancing student understanding of worldwide events and school curriculum. The club is unbiased and will keep an open-minded atmosphere and positive environment. The Current Events Club will also work to produce newscasts or publications on a variety of current topics.



video game controllers-minGaming Club

The Gaming Club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing video games. Students will have an opportunity to play multi-player games against each other, play single player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences. The club also explores game design and creation by showing introductory coding and design skills that any student in the club can participate in. Games will be approved on an individual basis by the club advisor.



GSA-minGender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club

This is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other and talk about issues related to orientation and gender identity and expression. The GSA Club works to foster a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action, and advocacy.



Womans feet running on the treadmill at the gymGet Fit-Mileage Club

The Get Fit-Mileage Club is a walking/running club designed to foster a love for physical activity for students in grades K-4. Students will receive fun incentive tokens to help excite, inspire and motivate them to keep racking up those miles! Students will also explore ways to stay healthy and active throughout the school year during our online club sessions.



GLOBEClub-1GLOBE International Club

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment. GLOBE provides grade level-appropriate, interdisciplinary activities and investigations about the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and soil/pedosphere, which have been developed by the scientific community and validated by teachers. GLOBE connects students, teachers, scientists, and citizens from different parts of the world to conduct real, hands-on science about their local environment and to put this in a global perspective.



bible-minGood News Club

Good News Club is an exciting, fun-filled club geared towards students in grades K-6 that is held once a week after school. The club engages in dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, fun games, meaningful songs, life-changing Bible memories, and making new friends.



faith-in-actionHigh School B.L.A.S.T. Club

BUILDING.LIVES.AROUND.SOUND.TRUTH. This club focuses on building student relationships through building foundations in faith. Each meeting focuses on a lesson that can be applied to daily life that helps members be better friends and neighbors and also builds faith. B.L.A.S.T. Club focuses on creating a close-knit school community that strengthens and supports its members. 



yearbookHigh School Student Yearbook Club

Our yearbook, PA Virtual Pride, is a student-run publication that tells the story of the school year in words and pictures. It’s a history book and a memory book, but it is also journalism laboratory that encourages students to learn through hands-on experience. The goals of the club is for students plan, design, write, edit, and take pictures during the production of the yearbook which is inclusive to all in the senior class.




INTERACT is for high school students interested in engaging in service learning projects, enhancing their leadership skills, and partnering with local Rotary Clubs. There are opportunities for leadership positions, virtual meetings and face to face experiences. The goal of the INTERACT club is to: (1) Engage students in service learning opportunities (2) To provide opportunities for students to enhance their leadership, teamwork and communication skills (3) To help students become more aware of the needs within their local communities and to provide a framework for partnership with their local Rotary clubs.



NHS-minNational Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. NHS promotes scholarship and volunteerism. NHS also facilitates a student tutoring and mentoring program and assists with fundraising and charitable drives within the school.

NJHS Logo-minNational Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society chapter at PA Virtual establishes rules for membership that are based upon a student’s outstanding performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character. These five criteria for selection form the foundation upon which the organization and its activities are built. Students are accepted through an application process and must meet membership criteria outlined in the bylaws. The goals of the NJHS are designed to utilize and enhance the students' skills relating to scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character.



Chess-minPA Virtual Chess Club

PA Virtual Chess Club was created to give students the opportunity to play chess and socialize. Chess Club is open to students from grades 5-8 with any level chess playing ability. All students are welcome, from beginners to experts! The goals of the club are to develop students' self-confidence, mental focus, logic, discipline & analytical abilities and to develop students' sportsmanship. The club leaders and advisors will teach the rules, vocabulary, history, & culture of the world's oldest sport, chess.



Camera lens against light background. Photography businessPhotography Club

The PA Virtual Photography Club is open to students in grades 7-12. Join us to share your talents and develop new skills! Photographers of any skill level are welcome! The goals of the clubs are to develop and inspire new photography techniques and facilitate growth in student creativity.



writing club-minRole Play Writers Club

In Role Play Writing, club members work together to create characters and write in a paragraph-style role play, writing from the perspectives of their individual characters to create a novel-length story over the school year. As the story advances, we discuss plot points, character interactions, world-building, themes, and so on -- but improvisation is also important!

Writers of all skill levels in grades 9-12 are welcome and can jump in at any time. Some commitment is required, but levels of participation can vary. Members can write for major or minor characters, depending on how much time they are willing to devote to the story.



self-advocacy-minSelf-Advocacy Club

Want to learn more about self-advocacy and helping others to have their voices be heard? Become a member of the Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network Virtual Affiliate Group. Network and learn alongside peers also enrolled in other cyber schools across Pennsylvania with and without disabilities. The goal of this club is to follow the Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network which provides a collaborative environment in which like-minded youth, young adults, and adult allies can work together to support leadership, self-advocacy, empowerment, self-determination, and service learning for ALL youth. The club is open to students between the ages of 14 -19 years old.




Stand up to Bullying

Stand up to Bullying creates a safe environment for victims of bullying and anti-bullying advocates to inspire members to develop and share innovative ways to resist bullying and promote an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion. Our goal is to provide tools to fight bullying and allow students to freely share their experiences. Our purpose is to promote kindness and support for all students.



student council2-minStudent Council

Student Council will consist of both middle and high school students. The Student Council is run by the elected officers and class representatives. Student Council focuses on service learning projects, school spirit and other school initiatives. In student council, students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership, planning, organization, and social skills by planning and participating in events that contribute to the school (spirit) and community.



Microphone-PNG-Pic-minVirtual Voices

Virtual Voices is a choral group for middle and high school students. Students learn songs and learn how to use recording software to record and arrange music virtually. Students will develop new songs, learn to use Audacity (recording program), musical arrangement, tempo, vocal technique and of course, socialize with other musicians.



quill-pen-minWriters Nook Club

The Writer’s Nook is a warm and friendly environment for student writers in grades 9-12 to share their own original writing, workshop writing in progress, and provide feedback for fellow writers during the writing workshops. The goals of this club are to encourage writers at all levels that they have a writing voice worth sharing, allow experienced student writers a chance to encourage newer writers, try out new types of writing, and talk about writers that students know and what they can take away from those writers’ styles.