Pupil Health

In accordance with the PA School Code, our Pupil Health Department has the opportunity to ensure that all of our students are compliant with their annual health screenings and immunizations. They travel to locations across the state throughout the year to meet with our families and provide free screenings. In addition, they provide assemblies for our PA Virtual community via Blackboard Collaborate™  on topics such as Dental Health Month.

PA Virtual’s Pupil Health Department employs certified school nurses across the state, a school doctor, school dentist, an administrative assistant and a project manager. It aligns itself with the school goals and mission as well as the PA Department of Health beliefs: “Children must be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy.”

In addition, the Pupil Health Department trains the PA Virtual staff to be prepared for medical emergencies that may occur at school functions. Our Family Support Coordinators are given CPR training by our nurses, and all staff participates in various sessions every year regarding emergency training.