Parent Engagement Program

The Parent Engagement Program provides Mentoring, Professional Development and Leadership roles for PA Virtual Learning Coaches. There are three Regional Coordinators and additional parent volunteers who help form Staff, Learning Coach and Student relationships of equality and respect to support, develop and enhance the PA Virtual community. The PA Virtual Parent Engagement Program allows our school’s parents, students, and teachers to collaboratively develop, support and sustain school innovation and excellence.

Parental involvement is at the core of PA Virtual. Upon enrollment, Learning Coaches and students are integrated into our school immediately. Direct parental involvement helps the school fulfill its mission. Our school – particularly its teachers, administration, and curriculum – is designed to support parents in achieving their academic and social goals for their children. As parents gain knowledge and confidence, they add their own personality, creativity and experience into the education of their own children and to the community at large. The school grows and is enriched by parent contribution.

The Parent Engagement Program is designed to provide mentoring relationships for Learning Coaches. Upon enrollment, new families can be matched with a veteran PA Virtual family to provide guidance and support in their first year. Mentors are “matched” with mentees based on the ages of student(s), geographic location, etc. We also provide opportunities for PA Virtual teachers, staff, Learning Coaches and students to participate in Partner Project Groups. These groups get together to discuss topics involving school policy and community. The diverse group members communicate openly and share ideas, which are then communicated to our CEO and Executive Staff. Additionally, The Parent Engagement Program works with the PA Virtual Staff to provide Professional Development to Learning Coaches throughout the year.