Family Support Coordinators

PA Virtual is the only virtual charter school in Pennsylvania to assign Family Support Coordinators (FSCs) to each family. FSCs provide consistent one-on-one support throughout the school year. FSCs are our families’ first point of contact for non-academic concerns. Think of FSCs as personal guides acquainting your family to all aspects of PA Virtual.

There are Family Support Coordinators throughout Pennsylvania, with each FSC assigned to families according to region. Families are assigned to a Family Support Coordinator based on zip code, ensuring that each family has a PA Virtual point of contact in their area. New families are contacted by their FSC to welcome them to PA Virtual and ensure that their first days of school are successful. In addition, Family Support Coordinators plan three outings per month in geographically convenient areas, providing wonderful opportunities for socialization, education and fun for all PA Virtual families.

Family Support Coordinators are also responsible for the following support items:

  • Capture and monitor all aspects of daily attendance in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations
  • Assist parents and students with the utilization of technological tools (i.e. Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate, and parent/student email.)
  • Assist parents and students with ensuring they have all technology and/or curriculum supplies
  • Provide daily support to parents and students for all non-academic concerns

Our Family Support Coordinators remain with their families throughout their time at PA Virtual, allowing the relationship between family and FSC to continue and develop over the years!