Mother and Daughter with LaptopMiddle School 5-8

The PA Virtual Charter School Middle School Program offers students in grades 5-8 a rigorous academic program based on high academic standards. The Middle School Program has PA-certified teachers who create courses that offer students various learning activities and projects which meet students’ academic needs. Teachers will partner with Learning Coaches to establish learning objectives for the courses to ensure student academic achievement within the course. We offer a variety of instructional platforms and instructional strategies to provide a strong educational foundation for your child. PA Virtual Middle School students complete engaging lessons in: Mathematics, English, Language Arts, History, Art, Science, Health & Physical Education, and Music. In addition to our academic program, we offer students co-curricular opportunities which engage students, develop student leaders, and foster collaboration among peers.

PA Virtual assigns students to classes and teachers and provide students with the tools, technology, and curriculum needed to be successful in an online learning environment. The parent or guardian plays a vital role as the Learning Coach in the home and is responsible to ensure that the home-based classroom is conducive to learning. The Parent Ambassador Program will provide our Leaning Coaches assistance in setting up and maintaining the home classroom. Learning Coaches and students can also receive support through Guidance Counselors and Family Support Coordinators, who are here to assist with non-academic, social, and emotional needs. Tech Support is available during and after school hours to address the technology needs of our families.


Students participate in both synchronous and asynchronous instructional formats:

  • Synchronous- Students attend live classes with PA-certified teachers and children across the Commonwealth in a virtual classroom setting
  • Asynchronous- Students have a customizable schedule in a self-directed environment, supervised by a dedicated teacher

Adapting to your schedule, students and Learning Coaches use the K12 Inc. Online School for interactive and engaging lessons, which includes daily and weekly lesson plans. Principals, as the instructional leaders, partner with the teachers and parents to ensure student academic progress and success. Interacting with teachers and peers, your child can engage in lessons and activities using 21st century tools, such as discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, videos, and webcams.