High School 9-12

The PA Virtual High School provides a rigorous educational opportunity with high accountability and performance standards. Technology like web quests, podcasts, videos and web cams make  classes engaging and interactive. Twenty first century skills (Global Awareness, Information and Communication Technology, Problem Solving, Time Management, and Personal Responsibility) are integrated with core content aligned to state standards.


The PA Virtual High School program holds high expectations for students, and also provides many opportunities to apply classroom lessons to everyday life. Students participate in co-curricular activities like PA Virtual’s High School Drama, Eco Club, Sports Reporters, and Yearbook. These social opportunities are virtual, using Blackboard Collaborate, where students chat, use microphones and webcams, and teachers and students build relationships inside and out of the classroom.


Students participate in both synchronous and asynchronous instructional formats:

  • Synchronous- Students attend live classes with PA-certified teachers and children across the Commonwealth in a virtual classroom setting.
  • Asynchronous- Students have a customizable schedule in a self-directed environment, supervised by a dedicated teacher.

Adapting to your schedule, students and Learning Coaches use the K12 Inc. Online School for interactive and engaging lessons, which includes daily and weekly lesson plans. Principals, as the instructional leaders, partner with the teachers and parents to ensure student academic progress and success. Interacting with teachers and peers, your child can engage in lessons and activities using 21st century tools, such as discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, videos, and webcams.

Graduation Project

The Graduation Project is student-driven and provides students with the opportunity to explore and discover career options after high school. This discovery may take the form of service learning, job shadowing, or research. In addition to this exploration opportunity, this project completes the state’s graduation requirement for a culminating project.