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PA Virtual Charter School


PA Virtual Charter School is a free public PA cyber school of choice chartered and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in 2001. The Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School serves approximately 2500 students throughout Pennsylvania from Kindergarten through 12th grade in a home-based setting. In July 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Education renewed the school’s charter for five more years.

PA Virtual is an award-winning and innovative online school in PA that provides
K-12 home-based public education.

Searching for a tuition-free public school option with flexible scheduling that fits your unique lifestyle?

  • Our school staff engages in up to 120 hours of professional learning each year, more than double the national average. This continual learning process helps teachers constantly strive to provide innovative, meaningful learning experiences for students.
  • 100 percent of our full-time teachers are PA-certified and highly qualified, and more than 55 percent hold a Master’s degree or higher. 80 percent have instructed with PA Virtual for five or more years.