PA Virtual K12 Inc. Curriculum

At PA Virtual Charter School, we believe that the quality and rigor of curriculum has a direct and positive impact on your child’s academic performance and achievement. By partnering with K12 Inc., we deliver a rich and stimulating curriculum for all grade levels.

Our Curriculum Partner K12 Inc.

Beginning in 2001, PA Virtual partnered with K12 Inc. as our curriculum provider to deliver comprehensive content that is challenging and engaging both online and offline. The extensive K12 Inc. curriculum includes more than 21,000 online lessons and 210 courses from Kindergarten through High School.

Discover a Love of Learning With Your Child

When your curriculum materials are delivered to your home, you will have everything you need to provide a well-rounded, interactive quality education to your child. In addition to lessons and schedules found in the Online School, you receive a multitude of traditional materials like textbooks, CDs, videos, hands-on manipulatives and science equipment. This rich variety of content and programs allows PA Virtual to offer many engaging lessons in formats that accommodate diverse learning styles.

The K12 Inc. curriculum is a vital part of our Diamond Model of Partnership. This partnership draws support for your student from the Parent/Learning Coach, highly-qualified, PA-certified teachers, and our award-winning family support staff while using state-of-the-art-technology.

Curriculum Program Overview

Language Arts/English

K12 Inc. Language Arts/English develops important reading and writing skills as your child moves through the stages, from learning to read to reading to learn. We reinforce phonics, literature, language skills and spelling lessons through classic works and the writing process. Students are also prepared for standardized tests in language skills and reading comprehension.


K12 Inc. Math strengthens fundamental skills mastery through critical thinking and problem-solving. Your child will see mathematical concepts presented in understandable, concrete realities. Basic skills are reinforced through regular practice and review. Concepts are clarified through the use of online games and animations while challenging problems help develop critical thinking skills.


K12 Inc. Science promotes hands-on learning experiences and the systematic study of scientific terms and concepts. Students perform experiments to learn scientific principles and receive guided instruction in important scientific concepts. K12 Inc. Science promotes curiosity and analytic skills with real-world examples of scientific and technological advances.


Beginning in Kindergarten, K12 Inc. History takes your child on a tour of the seven continents and re-tells American History and World History through the life stories of famous Americans and world leaders. At each grade level, your child engages in lessons of different countries, cultures and eras.


K12 Inc. Art follows the History lesson timeline so your child experiences the great works of art from different cultures and eras. Lessons also include creative activities like painting, drawing, and pottery to introduce the essential art elements of line, shape, color and form.


K12 Inc. Music introduces various concepts at each grade level designed to promote musical knowledge and appreciation. Students learn the essential concepts governing Western music. The structure of the music curriculum instills a foundation of music comprehension. Your child can build on this foundation to develop his or her own appreciation for music.