Schoolwide Title I

How do schools qualify to receive Title I funds?

More than 90 percent of school systems in the United States receive some sort of Title I funding. Schools qualify based on the number of low-income families in each district. Title I money is used to supplement and improve regular education programs.

What do Title I services look like?

Title I services should be in addition to regular services already in place.

Parental Involvement

Every district has a family involvement policy that describes ways parents and family can be involved in the Title I program. Parents must be full partners in their child’s education. The PA Virtual Title I program is established to improve student achievement and help all students meet the objectives of the K12 Inc. curriculum and the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. To ensure that this goal is met, a partnership with families is essential. Therefore, the PA Virtual Title I program commits to working in partnership with families in some of the following ways:

  • Establish a parent advisory committee. The committee will assist school personnel and Title I staff in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I program, School/Parent Compact and the family involvement policy.
  • Send monthly Title I newsletters to families via blackboard that contain details about events happening in the Title I program, as well as ideas to help your child(ren) at home in Math and Reading.
  • Hold monthly parent training sessions to be held at different times via Blackboard Collaborate™ for Title I families. Some of the topics of the parent training sessions will be determined by needs expressed by parents through surveys and parent advisory committee meetings.
  • Conduct surveys to be completed by parents about various aspects of the Title I program. These will help the Title I staff better meet the needs of Title I families.
  • Provide a Media Library for Title I families to access. The pre-recorded presentations address a variety of educational topics to better equip parents and are designed to enrich the teaching experience. Some of the topics include organizational tips, math journaling and early literacy. The Media Library is an ongoing work in progress as presentations are created and added throughout the year based on parent needs.
  • Provide communication about student achievement via progress reports mailed out twice a year.
  • Send out parent pages after Blackboard Collaborate™ lessons that review what students worked on and provide tips and/or activities to practice the same concept or skill at home.

If the child’s parent/guardian decides that they would like the child to participate in the Title I program the family, school, and student share in the responsibility of student learning by signing a school pact.