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Elementary School

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

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A High-Quality Program
Customized for your Child

Student success is at the heart of every decision we make. Your child’s team includes a principal, assistant principals, teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, family support coordinators, and more. The team works together to fine-tune an academic plan that meets your child where they are right now and challenges them, but doesn’t overwhelm them.

We find opportunities for students to excel, and give them additional support where they struggle.

A Variety of Instructional Formats

We offer two instructional formats: synchronous and asynchronous. For families who prefer a more structured schedule as well as daily interaction with a PA-certified teacher and other students, we offer live (synchronous) classes held in a virtual classroom setting. For families that prefer more flexible schedules and independent learning, we offer self-directed (asynchronous) courses, supervised by a PA-certified teacher. Learning Coaches work alongside their children in both formats. 

We work with you to provide the structure or flexibility that your child needs.

Do you want see what a virtual class looks like? Check out our Video Library for sample classes and more!

Opportunities for Elementary Students

Hands-on learning for every student

Field Trips

Socialization is important, especially for our younger students. We offer regular outings across the state, and all grade levels are encouraged to attend. Students have many chances to meet families from their area and make some new friends doing things like exploring museums, celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday, visiting science centers, and much more.

Service Learning

PA Virtual believes in social enrichment, and has established community-based partnerships with local charities including food banks, homeless shelters, and donation centers. Our students across the state participate in school-wide service learning, including opportunities with the Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, the Ugly Quilt Project, and more.

Kinesthetic Learning

Young children explore and learn with their hands. The curriculum we provide for elementary students includes a variety of items for hands-on learning. Shapes, counting cubes, scales, inflatable globes, paint, magnifying glasses… your child will have active hands for active learning!

Individualized Learning

PA Virtual students use Study Island and Exact Path, two tools that help our teachers determine a student’s individual academic needs. These programs provide lessons and activities to support academic growth and are personalized for your child’s learning path.

67 Counties

PA Virtual enrolls students from all 67 counties in Pennsylvania

10 years

Our elementary teachers average 10 years of service at PA Virtual


of PA Virtual's elementary families find their teachers knowledgeable and effective

    I learned to read with PA Virtual. I count at PA Virtual."


    Joey Weaver
    1st Grade Student

    User testimonial on how PAVC allowed them to change their lives. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.

    A continuation of the User testimonial on how PAVC allowed them to change their lives. Should be extremely valuable and persuasive.”


    Jane Doe
    CEO of Awesome

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