Diamond Model of Partnership

PA Virtual is a leader in cyber education. To meet its mission to “provide Pennsylvania students with an excellent education, grounded in high academic standards, which will help them achieve their full academic and social potential,” PA Virtual utilizes the Diamond Model of Partnership with the PA Virtual student at the center. By involving the parent as the Learning Coach; our PA-certified teachers; our Family Support Department; state-of-the-art curriculum & technology; the PA Virtual Diamond Model of Partnership provides your child with the essential tools for learning and achievement.

Parent/Learning Coach

Your role as the Learning Coach is important to your child’s success in the PA Virtual Diamond Model. As the Learning Coach, you actively participate in your child’s education by partnering with your child’s academic program principal, teachers, guidance counselors and Family Support Coordinators to ensure students follow their daily schedule, attend classes, both face-to-face online classes and complete any additional offline requirements, as well. Each student enrolled must have a Primary Responsible Adult to monitor progress and assist the student in meeting the requirements of the PA Virtual curriculum.


All PA Virtual teachers are PA-certified experts in teaching and learning using the K12® Inc. curriculum. The Academic Programming is a comprehensive school program that encompasses full K-12 offerings. Our programming includes a K-4 elementary school program, a 5-8 middle school program, and a 9-12 high school program. Each area is led by a certified principal and assistant principal guiding the academic team. The PA Virtual instructional model is designed to assist each student in reaching academic success. We believe in the team approach to instruction; this is demonstrated in the commitment of our teachers and parent educators.

Student Support Services

Dedicated to delivering a vast array of academic and non-academic support programs, our award-winning Family and Student Support Services Department provides an array of resources and opportunities for students and families of PA Virtual. Family Support services are a vital component of PA Virtual’s unique Diamond Model of Partnership, which allows us to realize our mission of guiding every student toward fulfilling his or her full social potential. Our award-winning Support Services Department ensures parents are not alone in the education of their child. This department is composed of regionally-based Family Support Coordinators across the state of Pennsylvania, board-certified registered nurses, and highly qualified educators who oversee academic support opportunities, such as tutoring and small group lab sessions.

Curriculum & Technology

We believe in providing the best for our students. The K12 Inc. curriculum, a mastery-based curriculum developed by renowned educators and cognitive experts, is known as a highly researched and effective learning program. We couple this curriculum with state-of-the-art technology, to enable individualization of instruction to meet each student’s needs.