PA Virtual’s academic program supports each child’s unique academic needs, combining various instructional platforms with the support of highly qualified PA-certified teachers and PA-certified principals. Our program engages students and enhances student achievement. We approach teaching and learning for each student by partnering with parents and students to determine the instructional platform that best meets the needs and each and every child.


Families may choose between one of these options or a mix of the two:

  • Synchronous- Students attend live classes with PA-certified teachers and children across the Commonwealth
  • Asynchronous- Students have a customizable schedule in a self-directed environment, supervised by a dedicated teacher

Adapting to your schedule, students and Learning Coaches use the K12 Inc. Online School for interactive and engaging lessons, which includes daily and weekly lesson plans. Principals, as the instructional leaders, partner with the teachers and parents to ensure student academic progress and success.

Interacting with teachers and peers, your child can engage in lessons and activities using 21st century tools, such as discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, videos, and webcams.

In accordance with the provisions of Title 22 PA Code Chapter 711, PA Virtual provides special education services to students with special needs within their least restrictive environment. All PA Virtual Special Education Teachers are PA-certified and work cooperatively with the members of your student’s team to construct an Individualized Education Plan designed to meet your child’s academic needs and goals.