Mission & History

An Overview

The Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PA Virtual), a public charter school in Pennsylvania, opened its doors on September 4, 2001. PA Virtual provides personalized education for approximately 2500 students from diverse ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds, and from a variety of geographic regions across the Commonwealth. PA Virtual is a pioneering choice in public education, empowering families through a dynamic partnership between the School and the home; a rich, research-based curriculum; and the innovative use of technology to meet the educational needs of its children.

Our Mission

The mission of PA Virtual is to provide Pennsylvania students with an excellent education, grounded in high academic standards, which will help them achieve their full academic and social potential.

Our Vision

The vision of PA Virtual is to serve as an example of how a school’s parents, students, and teachers can reach the goal of achieving an excellent education through the effective use of technology. In concept, design, and delivery, PA Virtual strives to be a model of innovation and excellence.

Our Five Core Principles

Five guiding principles govern the core philosophy of PA Virtual.

  1. At the heart of our core philosophy is the belief that all young people can achieve academic success if they are provided with rigorous instruction, high standards, informed guidance, and individual attention.
  2. Numerous studies have demonstrated that when parents become active and informed partners in their children’s education, test scores rise, drop-out rates and apathy decline, and the active pursuit of learning becomes a compelling focus for each family. Therefore, the absolute necessity of parental engagement and partnership in the education of their children is another essential kernel of the core philosophy of PA Virtual.
  3. The PA Virtual community believes the content, quality, and rigor of the curriculum directly affect students’ academic performance and achievement. This is met by our partnership with K12.
  4. Technology can be leveraged to be a powerful tool to support an effective education.
  5. PA Virtual believes that the partnership among certified instructional staff, skilled family support professionals, other School personnel, and engaged parent partners is essential in designing and implementing effective teaching and learning that results in academic and social growth for each student.

The PA Virtual Model

To meet its mission to “provide Pennsylvania students with an excellent education, grounded in high academic standards, which will help them achieve their full academic and social potential,” PA Virtual utilizes the Diamond Model of Partnership with the PA Virtual student at the center. By involving the parent as the Learning Coach; our highly qualified, PA-certified teachers; our Family Support Department; K12 curriculum and state-of-the-art technology; the PA Virtual Diamond Model of Partnership provides your child with the essential tools for learning and achievement.