Guidance Counselors

The PA Virtual Guidance Counseling Program believes that all students have the potential to succeed. Our mission is to provide personal/social, academic, and career support to all PA Virtual students, while engaging students in the exploration of their future. Our Guidance Department consists of one elementary counselor, one intermediate counselor, one middle school counselor, two high school counselors and one 504/SAP coordinator. Our guidance staff provides many services, including individual counseling, classroom guidance and group counseling, to assist students with reaching their full academic and social potential.

Our elementary, intermediate and middle guidance counselors provide grade-specific programming that focuses on social skills needed to prepare students for their futures in and out of the classroom. Counselors visit the homeroom classes of our students to share a lesson based around a social skill or character trait for each grade level.

Our high school counselors offer assistance with the Graduation Projects of our students throughout their high school career, and offer extensive career and college advising to our students. Further, as our students and parents prepare for life after high school, our counselors organize Financial Aid Night and other informational events.


  • Career Speakers Series: This program provides students with information about the world of work from the perspective of working professionals. Utilizing Blackboard Collaborate™, our students hear from various professionals about their careers. These events are organized around a theme, for example: communications, with several guest speakers representing different jobs within the world of communications. In the past, some guests have joined our Blackboard Collaborate™ session right from their work place, where our students could see them in action. For instance, a firefighter once demonstrated how quickly he could get into his gear for our students on Blackboard Collaborate™!
  • Character Education Program: The PA Virtual Character Education program provides lessons based on nationally recognized character traits in school-wide assemblies. On a monthly basis, our students can meet in a Blackboard Collaborate™  assembly to discuss the character trait of the month. Students meet as a group in the beginning of the session and then break off into grade specific groups for lessons provided by their grade level guidance counselor. In these lessons, interactive, research-based information is provided to students. The discussion about the character traits continues in the Guidance Counselor’s Blackboard Discussion Board.
  • Anti-Bullying Policy