What IS a Cyber Charter School, Anyways?!

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A cyber charter school is a tuition-free, public school that children attend from home via computer technology. Nearly 20,000 students in Pennsylvania take advantage of this model of education.

While cyber schools offer varying instructional models, curriculum and technology, many—such as PA Virtual Charter School—have fully certified teachers, the same classes offered in traditional “brick-and-mortar” schools, tutoring, and social outings.

Cyber school classes can be taken with a live teacher online, or can be more self-directed. Homework and projects are submitted online and testing, with the exception of mandated state testing, is administered  via computer. Through teaching and curriculum, students are able to conduct science experiments, create art and music, and participate in physical education in the loving and nurturing environment of their own home.

A state-approved cyber education is fully transferrable to other public schools, and qualifies students for entrance into college, trade school, and other secondary education opportunities.

Some of the benefits of a cyber education include:

  • Self-paced learning—Students can move as quickly or slowly as needed to master the material
  • Parent involvement—Parents can see what their children are learning on a daily basis. No cyber school student can answer the “What happened at school today” question with a “Nothing…”
  • Safety—There is no risk of physical violence in a cyber learning environment
  • Flexibility—Students can structure their day to work when they work best, or to work around commitments to outside pursuits


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