Top Educational Apps for Students Part:2

High School

Continuing with top educational apps for students, here are some choices that will help your high school aged student and may even be useful once they enter college.

All of these apps are free to download and play, but may contain items that can be purchased for real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the “Restrictions” menu on your device or from within the app. If your children have wandering fingers, disable ALL in-game purchases to avoid accidental surprises at the end of your monthly billing cycle!

Top 5 Educational Apps for High School Students

  1. EssentialSkeleton4AppEssential Skeleton 4
    Essential Skeleton 4 gives users a high definition 3D rendering of the human skeleton. Tap bones for descriptions and pronunciation as you explore the inside of your body, and you can even test yourself using the quiz function. Other “Essential” series include the muscular system and basic anatomy. Students with interests in the medical field will certainly find this helpful and informative.
  2. iFormulas AppiFormulas
    Organized by subject and by the purpose of the equation, this app starts with the most basic algebra formulas, and will most likely last students several years, if they chose to explore calculus, physics or chemistry – and everything in between. This app can be a great resource for students who wish to test their mathematical limits, or for those who sometimes have a little trouble remembering.
  3. Kapitall AppKapitall
    If you see subjects like Calculus and Geometry and think “I’m never going to use that!” then Kapitall is for you. This app was built to create financial literacy in teens and even adults. Start with learning the ins and outs (or ups and downs) of the stock market, and the risks associated with certain decisions during various quests. These quests teach users how to invest and earn or lose points, Koins, and badges.  Trade with virtual currency or work yourself up to the real thing; and Kapitall will show you how to open brokerage accounts and plan retirement funds.
  4. AP Flashcards AppAP Flashcards
    No more do we need to stock up on piles of index cards and spend hours creating our own flashcards – AP Flashcards provides students with premade flashcards covering eight of the Advanced Placement test subjects. Different modes have been created for different learning styles (Quiz mode vs Memorize) and the app also lets you import card sets from other non-AP flashcard applications. .
  5. Elevate Brain Training AppElevate – Brain Training
    Need a break that doesn’t involve zoning out in front of the TV? The Elevate Brain Training app is full of fun games that improve focus, comprehension, memory and even speaking abilities. This app is perfect for a quick study break, and the games are great for keeping skills sharp over the summer or holidays.

We would love for you to share your favorite educational apps with us.

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