Top 5 Summer Reads for Grades K-4 Part:1

The first of a series of three on some great summer reading books for all ages! These books will provide both education and entertainment during the dog days of summer for your K- 5 students. Many of these books tie together other subject areas.


Top 5 Summer Reads for Elementary School Students

  1. FreddySavetheEarthScience lovers will enjoy any book in the Grossology collection by Sylvia Branzei, which explores all types of unsophisticated bodily features, noises, and the biology and or anatomy behind them. Other books in the collecting in include: Grossology and You, Animal Grossology, and Hands-On Grossology
  2. For an environmental lesson for young readers, Ready Freddy! #25 – Save the Earth! will explore Earth Day, conservation and going green. The author and first grade teacher Abby Klien has written over 30 books Ready Freddy! books, each one focusing on one simple storyline, holiday or event.
  3. TheMazeofBonesThe Lemonade War pits brother and sister against one another because of the differences in their personalities and learning abilities. This book gives students lessons in math, business, money and responsibility. Another “first in a series,” parents can visit to download educational guides and students can interact online with activities and videos – or just head outside and start your own lemonade stand!
  4. First in a series of 10 books, The Maze of Bones (39 Clues, #1) challenges recall, and problem solving in readers, as they follow the two main characters (Amy and Dan) are lead down a historical trail, discovering clues that will eventually revel a family secret.
  5. TheLionthe WitchandtheWardrobeOlder elementary students who are ready for chapter books and more complex story lines can enter the fantasy world of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Since this book has been around for quite some time, parents and older siblings can join the conversation about the books themes and symbols.

We would love for you to share your favorite summer reads with us.

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