Teacher Tips Part 1: Relaxation!

Students aren’t the only ones taking some time off over the next few months. Our final summer series blog will share helpful tips for teachers focusing on key ways to relax, reorganize and refresh while not in the class room and still stay sharp! Our first tip for teachers– relax!


We know how hard it is for teachers to stop teaching once summer comes. More than once the phrase “You’re such a teacher” has probably been said about you. The personality traits and work ethic of stereotypical teachers are what make them wonderful caregivers and educators – but sometimes, we need to flip the switch and turn off “teacher mode.”

Make sure that when you ask your students “What did you do on your summer vacation?” that you have something equally interesting to share. Students learn and are inspired by their teachers who share experiences with them. Step away from teaching, just for a day, (or sometimes more) and give yourself the opportunity to recharge. Now, there is no need to break the bank planning an expensive trip, but a weekend getaway or annual family trip offers the perfect time for you to take time to not be a teacher – and prove you didn’t spend your summer at the grocery store, or living at school!

So, whether your passion is baseball, the beach or BBQ’s – utilize teacher blogs or your school webpage to share your fun (and appropriate) adventures with your future or current students.

Try something new – break outside of the teacher mold! Teachers, especially those in cyber education, typically don’t follow the “9-5 grind” office workers find themselves in. A summer break is a great time to get out and try something new – especially if it falls between the hours of 9-5. Check local deal websites to find new (and inexpensive) social outings in your area for singles, couples, or friends and take a stab at a baking, painting or yoga class.

Use VisitPA.com as a guide, and give yourself an adult field trip. Supervising 55 students around a museum or amusement park sometimes takes the fun out of class trips, but revisiting those sites with a significant other or group of adult friends can let you see things in a whole new light. Even historical sites can become an adventure if you actually have a full day to learn, explore and enjoy, without the worry of a few small shadows behind you constantly. As for the amusement park? Just ask any mom and dad who have been to Disney World before and after kids – think Epcot!

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