Student Recognizes Math Teacher in the “My Favorite Teacher Contest”

My Favorite Teacher Contest

Ninth grader, Robert Putnick wrote a “Thank You” letter to his math teacher Jennifer Burke and submitted it to the “My Favorite Teacher Contest” hosted by Barnes & Noble. Participants in the contest will have the opportunity to read their essays at celebrations at their local Barnes & Noble store. Mrs. Burke has been with PA Virtual for nine years and teaches Algebra, Biology, and Geometry. You can read Robert’s letter to Mrs. Burke below.

Dear Mrs. Burke,
My deepest gratitude for all that you have done for me goes beyond all of the possible words that could be used to describe. Your words of encouragement and support have, no doubt, cultured and improved my love for learning and completing school at home.

There were times when I struggled with a particular subject in Algebra 1, and although it seemed as if there was no solution, you would always provide a video to assuage my fears and show me the right answer. Also, you always encouraged questions and were always willing to give an answer, no matter how those questions may sound to others. In addition, whenever I had any questions regarding a particular problem or skill, I would send you an email and you would reply in what seemed like a moment’s notice. This quick and helpful response from you I grew to trust and rely on when confusion dashed in front of me.

Similarly, you championed me to venture a little out of my comfort zone when you approved my opportunity to take the Keystone exam even before my Math year was complete. Nevertheless, you urged me and said that I was well capable of accomplishing the test. Although I was nervous, I listened to your advice along with my Mom’s, of which both remained ever implanted in my mind as I filled in each and every answer on the exam. When I left the testing site that day, I was still slightly confused with some of the skills that I just could not seem to grasp, but your reassurance and affirmation of my proven knowledge lifted my spirit into a positive tone.

In numerous ways, you assisted me down my path of success in my educational career, and I attribute my present state to your encouragement, along with my Mom’s acts of gently urging me to try each and every possibility available. As a result, my determination has grown exponentially, including in my verbal willingness to always participate, no matter the circumstances. I was often the one who was labeled with the title of being one of the few who attempted something above and beyond, and I am truly grateful when I can share my success with people like you, who have deeply impacted my life for the better.

Your fun and engaging way of teaching helps each and every student learn the particular study a lot easier, and I can certainly speak from experience. In conclusion, your role as a teacher in my life can’t be erased, and I will never forget all of the many things that you have done for my fellow peers, and myself. Your personality is truly motivating and more than worthwhile to emulate. These character traits, I feel, are the ones that sculpt the essential character of a superb and successful teacher, all of which you possess and use for the benefit of every student.

Robert Putnick



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