Making Summer Vacation Educational Part: 3

We hope you did not miss our first two blogs of this series for ideas, but if so please check out Idea 1: Zoos and Aquariums and Idea 2: Historical Sites

The final blog of this series continues with another idea to subtly sneak in some learning opportunities for your children over the summer:

Idea 3: College Visits

Depending on the age of your students, it might be time to start planning college visits for those who will enter 10th or 11th grade in the fall!

In addition to the right field of study, loving the look and feel of a campus is a large factor is choosing the right school. When visiting, make sure your student really feels like he or she could belong there – since most likely, they will be living or commuting there for the next 2-4 years.

The “official” campus tour is a great start! But here a few more tips to really customize your college visit experience:

  • Make sure to meet with an advisor or admissions representative, and see if you can look at what your course load would look like for a prospective major.
  • If you are lucky enough to know a current student, see if he or she would be willing to join you on campus, and give you a chance to explore while things are less crowded.
  • The bookstore is another obvious stop, but once enrolled, students rarely visit or explore here unless they are purchasing textbooks, many of which are now available online. Look for local social spots on campus and identify which buildings class is held for specific majors.
  • Interested in arts and theatre? Make sure to visit any place on campus where performances are held.
  • Similarly, if you are interested in athletics, ask for an extra tour through the athletic center, fields, or locker rooms.
  •  Bring a friend! Why? Because everything is more fun when you can plan with your future roomie.

Two great resources for beginning the planning can be found at U.S. New and World report – Finding the Right School and an article by the Princeton Review – The College Visit.

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