Kindergarten Online?

PA Virtual Kindergarten ProgramEnrolling your child in Kindergarten is one of the most fun and exciting times in a parent’s life. There are more options than ever for children – if you are considering cyber education, PA Virtual Charter School is an excellent option.

Cyber education requires that parents are closely involved in their child’s personal learning experience. At PA Virtual, the Learning Coach is typically an adult who resides in the home of the child. The Learning Coach provides parents with the opportunity to engage, connect, and provide instruction to their child so they may stay connected to their child’s education.

Kindergarten students average five hours of instruction and learning per day using a variety of instructional methods. PA Virtual provides the flexibility for parents to break up the day and infuse fun and play between live online classes, instruction with the Learning Coach, and independent learning. As students progress through the year, PA Virtual uses DIBELS screenings to ensure that students are kept on track and meeting the benchmarks required by the PA Core Standards. DIBELS is one of the top ranked early literacy screening programs used for young students and is used nationwide by schools of all kinds.

Once enrolled, parents can expect their child’s day to be a blend between live online classes, supplemental learning activities, and self-directed courses. PA Virtual’s Family Support Coordinators, guidance counselors, and administrative team help families adjust to the online learning model and help create an environment where every child can succeed.  With the guidance of the child’s learning coach, Kindergarten students may also receive instruction in music, art and physical education on a regular basis.

Parents who are considering cyber school, sometimes ask what is provided by the school?  PA Virtual provides students with a laptop computer, printer/scanner and a monthly stipend to help cover the cost of internet charges. Using the K12 curriculum, PA Virtual students also receive all supplemental learning materials in the beginning of each year including books, art supplies, science kits, and other learning tools. These provide Kindergarten students with the basic materials necessary for understanding all subject area learning.

If you are interested in learning more about PA Virtual Charter School and how PA Virtual could benefit your Kindergarten student, Please take about a ½ hour to check out the recording of the Kindergarten Open House! It’s not too early to sign your kindergarten student up today for PA Virtual!

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