Keystone Testing “Hacks” for HS Students

Testing Tips

There is still a week left of Keystone testing. Despite strange myths that exist, cyber school students DO take standardized state assessments just like every other school. Many cyber schools use resource centers or rent facilities to administer the tests in the same window as other students in the state. This year, Keystones are administered between May 16 – 27. Looking for a way to beat the test? Check out these 7 testing hacks below!

Testing Hacks

1. Plan your naps! Napping the day before a test can throw off your sleep schedule that night, leaving you more tired than you were before. If you are really exhausted after testing, a quick power nap can be a great way to recharge!
2. Stuck on how to start a compelling composition or written piece? Start with your favorite quote, or lyrics from a popular song to help you tell your story or support your arguments.
3. Empty your head – Before the test take a 5 minute brain dump. Writing everything you possibly can on a piece of paper about your feelings towards the test can ease nerves and anxiety. If you are worried about forgetting formulas or keywords quickly jotting them down is a good way to jog your brain as a last minute reminder.
4. Snack smart. Packing a few small candies can give you a quick burst of energy if you feel yourself starting to lag during the test, but beware – stay away from chocolates that will melt in your pocket! PA Virtual students are given snack breaks; do not eat during the test!
5. Pack smart, too. You probably need more than snacks to make it through the long hours required to sit for Keystones. If you are unfamiliar with the testing site, bring an extra layer to keep warm, etcetera.
6. Work backwards. Before reading passages, jump ahead and read the questions being asked at the end. This will tell you what to look for while reading, and always read the passages more than once if time allows.
7. Know when to go. Cyber students come from all over the state to different testing sites, so you might have to spend some time in the car before actually sitting for the test. Once you arrive, ask your test proctor where the restroom is so you don’t discover you need it in the middle of question 14.

What are your best tips for successful testing? Let us know in the comments below!



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