PA Virtual Responds to the CREDO Report

CredoOnlineCharterSchoolStudyIn a report on October 27, 2015 (“CREDO/Mathematica/CRPE Report”) released by Stanford University, it was suggested that students of online/cyber charter schools had significantly weaker academic performance in math and reading, compared with their counterparts in conventional schools. The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, who PA Virtual is an active partnership with, has released a statement concerning this report.

“The CREDO/Mathematica/Center for Reinventing Public Education report released today on virtual education contains some good observations and some data that deserve a deeper understanding, but there are also some overly-simplistic conclusions and recommendations.” The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools has developed some bullet points about understanding these misleading conclusions. They explain, “to truly understand cyber performance, you first need to understand cybers, which are designed to serve some specific and very challenging needs in the education system.” The coalition goes on to state… ”it’s important to understand that the good cyber schools are doing a great job of serving a student population that would otherwise fall through the cracks in our traditional education system.”

Read the entire article: “ Statement on October 27, 2015, CREDO/Mathematica/CRPE Report” provided by the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools.

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