Google Education on Air –

Bringing Technology into the Classroom


This week, Google Education On Air will offer a completely free online education conference which will focus on the impact of technology and education around the world. Over the two days, Google will pose the question “how do we prepare our students for a future that is ever-changing?”

Online education choices offer a wide range of technological advancements that prepare students to enter the world after their K-12 education is completed with a knowledge base that is imperative for success. Students need to be prepared differently in this digital age, and with the fast paced advancements, we look for every opportunity to share resources that could help us all learn a little something.

The conference is open to anyone with internet access – which is perfect for our cyber learning families! Sessions will cover topics that interest students, administrators, teachers, parents and IT professionals. Anyone who is interested in using technology to further their educational process would benefit from these sessions. On Day 2, viewers can also select sessions that are relevant to particular themes such as “Digital Citizenship” or “Empowering Students,” as well as by what grades / ages that are relevant to them. Tune in and join the conversation using the hashtag #GoogleEduonAir

Session Dates & Times:

  • May 8: 10 AM – 3 PM (Eastern Time)
  • May 9: 7 AM – 9:30 PM

A full list of sessions & speakers can be found here:

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