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How Learning Leads to Effective Teaching

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In an article on May 25, 2015 by Christina Thompson (a freelance writer for CBS Philly) Dr. Joanne Barnett (the CEO of Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School) discussed how teachers who view themselves as learners are more effective teachers.

“The majority of teachers want to create the best learning environment possible for their students, but resources and policies can prevent teachers from implementing the type of teaching and learning that their students need. The challenge of defining the ‘classroom environment’ is a result of technological advances. The classroom in the 21st century is continually changing. Today’s classrooms do not look like classrooms of 10 years ago. This creates a challenge for teachers who must design and implement teaching and learning in a variety of instructional formats when their pre-service programs only prepared them to teach in the traditional face-to-face model.” – Dr. Joanne Barnett, CEO of Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School

Read the entire article: “ Teachers Must View Themselves As Learners In Order To Be Effective Teachers” by Christina Thompson at CBSPhilly.com

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