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D’Alessandro Sisters Pursue their Passion

PA Virtual D'Alessandro Sisters

Parents – what do you do when you start to realize that your child is not only incredibly talented, but is one of the best?

That thought crossed the mind of Vera D’Alessandro from time to time as she watched her daughters Rayna and Gionna rack up the wins in local and national dance competitions through elementary school. While both of the D’Alessandro sisters compete nationally, Rayna, 10 is the current Miss Extreme Talent of the United States and Petite Miss VIP Dance national title holder.

Two years ago, Vera made the choice to enroll both of her daughters, at PA Virtual Charter School, an online public charter school. This decision allows the girls to dedicate hours a day to not only take high level ballet, contemporary and lyrical classes at Ultimate Dance Complex in McMurray, but also receive individual instruction from UDC’s coaches.

Check out one of Rayna’s dance performances here.

Both girls practice dance approximately 15-22 hours per week, thanks to the flexible scheduling of PA Virtual. Rayna has been dancing since she was 18 months old, and dreams of one day competing on the hit Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance or landing a Broadway lead.

“Rayna has always been naturally talented, but when she was given the time to dedicate to practice the amount of hours she wanted to, she began to soar,” said Vera. “Enrolling both girls balanced our hectic schedule – they can complete school work early in the morning or late at night, and take their laptops when traveling so they never fall behind.”

After enrolling at PA Virtual, it was discovered that Rayna was dyslexic. Dyslexia is one of the most common reading disorders and can have a negative ripple effect in a child’s educational journey when left undiagnosed. Through the support of teachers and staff at PA Virtual, she has been given the tools to successfully navigate the virtual classroom, like one-on-one assistance or extra time to process and understand class materials.

“We are in the Pittsburgh area, so our Family Support Coordinator is Amy Markle,” said Vera. “During our first year with the school, Amy was tremendous with helping our family transition to the school and really made us feel like part of the PA Virtual community.”

Could PA Virtual be what your child needs to take the next step in their athletic or arts career? Request more information and see if a cyber education is a good fit for your family!

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PA Virtual Family Spotlight: The Bunn Family

PA Virtual Family Spotlight: The Bunn FamilyAfter moving to Philadelphia from Florida, Keith and Tracy Bunn took a good look at the educational options in their new home town. Feeling discouraged, they started to look into alternatives and found PA Virtual.

The flexibility of cyber school appealed to the family. Triplets Keith, Kameryn and Kayla were enrolled as first grade students and have been with PA Virtual ever since. Older brother Tyler is also a student, all four learning crucial time management skills to balance school with time honing their tennis skills. Often times, Keith Sr. gets the kids up and started on school work early, giving them extra free time on the courts in the afternoons, in addition to the coaching they receive at Legacy Youth Tennis and Education.

“Keith and Kameryn practice many hours a week,” said Keith Sr. “If my children were in a traditional brick and mortar school, they wouldn’t be able to play at the level they are currently. PA Virtual students have the ability to study at their own pace, on their own schedule, and in my opinion is an A+ online educational experience.”

While Kayla and Tyler play recreationally, it is the competitive drive of Kameryn and Keith that keeps the family busy year round. They both currently hold titles from the American Tennis National Championships held this past summer in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Keith Jr. took home the boys 12 year old singles title at the American Tennis National Championship and Kameryn holds the girls 12 year old doubles title.

“Tennis is a year round sport, and we really enjoy the ability to stay connected and up to date in school when we travel,” said Keith Sr. “It’s so easy to just pack up the laptops next to the rackets and know that they won’t miss a beat.”


Why I Chose PA Virtual- Isabella Uber


PA Virtual Senior Isabella UberParents and students choose cyber charter schools for many different reasons but one of the most widely known is flexibility. One student in particular, Isabella Uber, chose PA Virtual for just that reason. After her parents split, they considered both local school districts, and Isabella began to look into cyber school.

After extensive research, she chose PA Virtual four years ago, and hasn’t looked back!

“I love that I don’t have to worry about getting behind academically because of what house I’m in or what parent I am with,” said Isabella. “I can log on from anywhere, get my work done, and still spend quality time with my family.”

Isabella is able to split her time almost equally between her parents’ homes. Without having to shuttle back and forth on pre-picked days, she is able to be more involved in school. She is a member of the school student council, several clubs and recently found time for a new hobby – competing in a beauty pageant.

“My teachers here have always encouraged me to get involved and express myself, and I think that gave me the courage to enter the pageant in the first place,” said Isabella. “I learned so much (competing in the pageant) and it was such a different experience. I was named a finalist, but if I had won, I planned on using the title of Queen as a way to encourage others around me to volunteer and share the message of giving back.”

National America Miss prides itself on being a “purpose driven pageant,” with a focus on community service, communication and growing confidence in their participants.  Winners of individual State Queen Titles represent their state in various ways at local events, but also by focusing on the importance of serving one’s community.

Volunteering through is the main way that Isabella gives back to her community – even without a crown. Since registering on the site, Isabella has participated in over a dozen campaigns for various causes. She has participated in a variety of campaigns that help on the local and national level, such as cleaning up over 1,000 items of trash from the streets in her neighborhood, or flagging illegal ivory items on Craigslist to stop elephant poaching across the world.

“I never thought I would have such an impact in the world until I started with DoSomething. I like taking a stand for those who may not have the voice to stand up for their beliefs. I love being able to help when I can and DoSomething provides me with those resources. I feel like I have a lot to offer the world and help those who are less fortunate.”

Isabella will be graduating in June, and her future plans involve giving back in a big way – to her country. She is considering entering either the Marines or the National Guard, but as she just began her senior year, there is still plenty of time to make that decision!



PA Virtual Student Shares His Experience

Singing at Carnegie Hall

We would like to congratulate Ian Snyder, a member of our PA Virtual family, for the honor of participating in the “2016 High School Honors Performance Series.” Ian shared his tenor voice alongside other talented student-musicians at Carnegie Hall.

To read more about Ian Snyder and this amazing opportunity you can link to the article by Abbey Zelko at FlipSide PA.

Feel free to congratulate Ian for his amazing accomplishments and share your own story below!


PA Virtual Student Selected

to Sing at Carnegie Hall

IanSnyderWe would like to congratulate Ian Snyder, a member of our PA Virtual family, for the honor of participating in the “2016 High School Honors Performance Series.”  Ian will be sharing his tenor voice alongside other talented student-musician at Carnegie Hall.

To read more about Ian Snyder and this amazing opportunity you can link to the article by Jessica Schladebeck at YorkDispatch.

We wish you the best and Break a Leg Ian!